how fraLE works

The support meetings with fraLE take shape through a chat on the Google Meet platform. You can book a spot by selecting one available date on the Doodle called fraLEndario by pushing the button down below.

A path of either a single and only meeting or a series of moments up to a maximum of three is envisioned in order to get to know each other. Each meeting lasts 45 minutes with two members of fraLE taking part to it.

The meetings are addressed primarily to the Italian audience, but since fraLE is conceived to engage with everybody the meetings can be arranged as well for those who want to chat in English.

what can be discussed with fraLE?


fraLE believes in a free and respectful circulation of ideas. For this reason, fraLE guarantees and protects the identity of the participants and the intellectual property of shared ideas, considering all information as confidential. Since ideas are intangible concepts, it becomes difficult to draw a clear demarcation line between suggestions and influences respectively exchanged during the meetings, but we believe in common sense and we will do everything possible to safeguard those who participate.