what is fraLE

fraLE is a collective group that works in the art world with the purpose of creating opportunities of conversation and support for artists, curators and art workers. The aim is to enable a dialogue between people with common educational and professional backgrounds.

fraLE believes that sharing and discussion are both crucial elements of the creative process. Talking with people from the same industry, especially if they are external to the project you are working at, is essential for uncluttering and consolidating the ideas.

fraLE perceives a lack of direct and mutual confrontation within the academic and cultural institutions. This absence is even more accentuated by the sanitary emergency of Covid-19.

fraLE intends to induce, throughout a single meeting or in a path delineated in more phases, possible exchanges of opinion in order to fulfill this sharing need.

fraLE wants to be an immaterial system in an artworld already saturated by works and cultural offers, in order to focus on relationality and projectuality.